Pinot Grigio

Producer: La Vigilia
  La Vigilia was born from enthusiasm of 40 years of experience in wine production.For many years passing through 3 generations, we dedicate our time  to develop and improve the techniques of winemaking. The company took the name from a particular vineyard placed in the hills amo..
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Producer: Dovitia
   Dovitia…At the beginning of 2012, a team with decades of experience in commercial consulting and marketing in the wine industry decided to embark on an ambitious project. Located in the Veneto region within the province of Vicenza, they formed Dovitia in 2015.They began by collecti..
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Vigneti delle Dolomiti IGT Pinot Grigio Orange "Pief" 2018 - Cavic
-12 %
Producer: Cavic
La classe è vino!Sono schivo, ho bisogno dei miei spazi. Mi metto a fermentare insieme alle mie bucce in anfore di terracotta. Insieme creiamo un aroma raffinato e il mio colore rosato. Il tocco finale mi viene dato dal mio bagno nelle botti di legno.L'uva viene diraspata e fatta fermentare in anfor..
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Oltrepò Pavese Pinot Grigio DOC "Elivià" 2018 - Lefiole
Producer: Lefiole
Pinot Grigio is easy to find all over northern Italy where fresh terrain and good temperature ranges bring out its finesse. Our vineyards are situated in Montalto Pavese, one of the most important wine regions of the Oltrepò Pavese, at an altitude of 400 metres. Montalto has the good fortune of bene..
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Pinot Grigio DOC Friuli Colli Orientali 2018- Il Roncal
Producer: Il Roncal
Vine of French origin. A bud mutation of the Pinot Nero variety. It has found excellent environmental conditions in Friuli and is in fact one of the most well-known varieties throughout the world from our region.     ​ There is a place in the eastern hills of Friuli&..
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Pinot Grigio I love you
-9 %
Producer: 1Click Box
Three spectacular Pinot Gris, from 3 different Italian regions  Breganze Pinot Grigio Doc 2017 - VitacchioOltrepò Pavese Pinot Grigio DOC "Elivià" 2018 - LefiolePinot Grigio DOC Friuli Colli Orientali 2018- Il Roncal This is a 3 bottles pack, if you want a 6 pack (or more) just add 2 (or ..
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Breganze Pinot Grigio Doc 2017 - Vitacchio
-31 %
Producer: Vitacchio Emilio
Pinot Grigio (Grey Pinot) is a mutation of Pinot Noir and it originates from France. Pinot Grigio is a vine variety not so easy to cultivate and its growth requires great cares. Vitacchio’s winery has been cultivating this variety since the 60’s; such a long experience allowed Vitacch..
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